The International Choral Song Festival of Abidjan – ICSFA/FESTICCA 1st Edition

Country: Cote-d'Ivoire

Category: Festivals

Start Date: 2012-08-08

End Date: 2012-08-12

Cost: None

The ICSFA/FESTICCA «The International Choral Song Festival of Abidjan» is the Ivorian cultural event meant for the reinforcement of choir cooperation in view of promoting this side of art in all musical domains managed by the association” A Cœur Joie International”. The first edition of the ICSFA/FESTICCA is made of several initiatives around choral song. More than sixteen (16) choirs from Africa, Europe, and America and fifteen (15) from Cote d’Ivoire will gather for cultural exchanges.  The ICSFA/FESTICCA 2012 will take place from 8 to 12 August 2012.